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Erin Cazes is an editorial, fashion, and travel photographer specializing in the entertainment industry. She is able to switch between these realms seamlessly and with perfection. Her outlook towards photography is interactive, focusing on involvement and trust with her environments. Her work allows for her to travel and explore new opportunities. Her photos are often reflected by those she meets, stories from along the way, and places which inspire her. Finding a way to fuse her love of travel and desire to explore the world with her curiosity of the human condition has led her to photography. Based in Toronto, Canada, Cazes crafts memorable experiences and outstanding visuals. From pre to post production Cazes plays an intrinsic role as creative director, location scout, stylist, photographer, and editor. All editing is done in-house by Cazes to provide high quality results. She creates images for all types of clients, and runs an individualized, service-oriented business. With the use of highlights and shadows she believes her work takes a critical look at her surroundings, creating her unique style.

About Me

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